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Pedigree for Jester Heathen
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Pedigree for Jester Heathen

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Some sire Champions
But few can do both
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Pedigree: Jester Heathen Pedigree for Jester Heathen

Sullivans Heathen

Ropers Sullivan

Skippa Rope

Skip Hi

Baby Doll McCue

Spicey Sullivan

Son Of Silky

Roxy Hancock

Ritas Sister

Mick Walker

Dun Ding

Screw Ball

Rita Walker

Dun Ding


Gay Ruckus

Captain Gay



Dipsydoodle Milligan

Miss V O H

Bill Cody

Sorrel Farr

Miss Raider

Baldy Raider

Sky Raider

Paint Mare

Vaquero Spots

Vaquero String

Tiny Spots

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Sullivans Heathen- APHA Champion, Res. World Champion Trail, Multiple World Champion Sire
  • Open- 67 halter (20 Grands/10 Res), 106 Hunter Under Saddle,  134 trail, 71 Pleasure, 13 Hunter Hack, 3 Working Hunter
  • Amateur- 26 HUS, 37 Trail, 16 Hunter Hack, 7 Working Hunter, 7 Pleasure, 6 Equitation, 1 halter

Skippa Rope- 

  • APHA Champion, 30 Halter, 28 Pleasure, 24 Western Riding, 6 heeling, 2 barrel, 4 trail, 1 reining,

Gay Ruckus-  Dam of 4 performers
  •  2 APHA Champions, Performance Versatility, Superior All Around
  • 2 Reserve National Champions. Heeling and Steer Stopping
  • 2 Superior Halter horses.  135 Total halter points
  • 171 heeling, 94 Steer Stopping, 78 heading, 27 Pleasure, 22 HUS, 16 trail, 14 reining, 19 barrel, 13 Working Cowhorse, 4 Western Riding, and 1 calf roping point. 


Sullivans Heathen